How do people know what number to SMS their vote?

The instructions field is used to display details like your SMS number at the bottom of the graph.

How do I get my results up on a big-screen

Press the Live button to take your poll live, and then click on the Share icon to get a link to your results graph online. For example, if you share via email, then you can just open it on the computer linked to the big screen. A browser window will be displayed and graph will be displayed, updating every couple of seconds. Remember that your phone still needs to be live for new votes to be processed.

Can I display live results in a PowerPoint presentation?

You can! Just download and install the LiveWeb plug-in for PowerPoint, and use the link shared from the app (see above) for the page address. The graph will update itself live every few seconds while the slide is displayed. Again, remember to keep your phone live so that new votes are processed.

How much does voting cost?

This depends on your voters’ phone providers. The cost will be that of a regular SMS. If they are on a cap plan, it will cost them nothing (unless they are over their cap). There should be no cost for the phone hosting the poll, except for the data usage cost of downloading a small graphic every few seconds whilst the poll is live.

Is the poll still live if the phone goes into sleep mode?

No, but when your phone wakes up it will then process all votes received while it was in sleep mode. If the app is stopped, however, it will not process votes when it is re-started, as there is no way to know what SMS’s were intended as votes and for which poll.